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About the Creative Team

Imagine Symphony Live is a collaboration of independent artists and the Central Oregon Symphony, who are passionate about the joy, relationships, and history that community symphony has brought to us.

The Music

The Central Oregon Symphony musicians range from 9-years-old to 78-years-old, with legacies back over 50 years. All the featured musicians are represented either in the film or online experience. The Central Oregon Symphony Association has also been a critical factor of the project’s operation.

The Central Oregon Symphony

Musician Actors

Conducting the Central Oregon Symphony for over 23 years, Michael Gesme has helped with logistics and provisions with the subject: the symphony itself. Michael’s leadership has fostered a community of over 60 musicians who eagerly want to share their community interests in music. He also chairs the music department at Central Oregon Community College.

Michael Gesme

Music Director

The Production

A composer for film, television, theme parks, and a TEDx speaker, Chris is no stranger to diverse musical challenges. Chris Thomas composed the music to Imagine Symphony Live including the individual recordings, instrumentation for the interactive experience, and film.

Chris Thomas


Bradley is cinematographer and filmmaker with 10 years of professional image making experience. With a notable list of clients ranging from national brands like Allstate to local non-profits like BendFilm Festival, he is a visual artist and brings creativity and technical skill to our team.

Bradley Lanphear

Director of Photography

Dustin Woods is a application developer who is creating the interactive component of imagine symphony live. As an engineer versed in multiple developer with an eye for game design – Dustin’s creative and technical genius enable to project to be open and dynamic on the web for anyone to use.

Dustin Woods

Interactive Experience Developer

As a entrepreneur and strategist, Evan has helped organizations grow through digital campaigns, analytics, and market development. He currently runs an outdoor start-up and plays in the Central Oregon Symphony. A passionate music lover and player, he grew up watching the symphony and credits the influence of classical music as a big part of his life!

Evan Sigvaldsen

Producer / Director