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The Release Strategy

Overall direction of the project

Hi Backers!

This project is going to use a roll-out strategy similar to software, where a series of releases will come. Unlike typical software, however, these release dates will be fairly close to each other, but it will give us time to allow backers and testers to test the program and note any issues with browsers, computers, or usability. 

This will also allow us to work safely with social distancing regulations, which have removed many of our traditional options when it comes to filming or recording sessions. 

The good news for you, as our backers, is you get to see things as they unfold in the production with us before we push things to the public! So, when it comes to the releases, we’ll be asking for your feedback and you’ll see this thing evolve stage by stage. 

The Release Strategy

Release Timeline

Alpha Fulfillment = Delivery July 17th
Special Download Page has given to all backers to see the alpha release and first rough passes of the entire program. It will include:

  • Current Mock-up of Composition
  • Movie with one missing shot
  • Interactive Play-through of the song with 1 track
  • Assets e-mailed to backers
  • This link will be privately exclusive only to backers

Beta Fulfillment = Delivery September 1st, 2020
Assets are finished and can be furnished via physical rewards. Digital will also be updated. This release includes:

  • Composition with remastered solos
  • Completed Movie (with remastered composition)
  • Interactive Play-through w/ interviews, special solos, and backers listings
  • Physical rewards mailed to backers
  • This link will be public

Note: If we cannot get recordings due to social distancing guidelines, we may either delay this section or decide to release it with a remastered version alone.

Outreach + Release = September 15th, 2020
This will be the active marketing strategy of the program, with the intended result of giving this out to as many symphonies who are not active, or active digitally or remotely. It includes:

  • Outreach to symphonies and organic posting
    • Social media ads
    • Google ads
    • Orchestra outreach program

Planning for Challenges with nimble deployment

It is difficult to know for sure what we will or will not be able to do based on the conditions of government regulations, so, we are taking a much more nimble approach. I do hope that as we make updates and releases on what is happening with the project, you get to see our wins and setbacks and enjoy the process of us winning together. In the end, we’re going to release something very cool because of everyone’s support and involvement, and we hope that you get a bit of insight into the complexities of each dimension of this project.

Going forward, During each release, I will be releasing an update describing what you are seeing and how to contribute feedback if you’d like.

Thank you and stay musical!



The Music Is the Backbone

Current Status: Finished
The core backbone of the entire experience will be the Thomas piece. In each of the columns are the various scenes included in the short-film and composition. Everything that we’re programming here will be in reference to this core.

Visual Design

Current Status: Started
This is the design identity, the vectors (drawings), pictures, colors, and other assets that will ultimately shape the look and style of the interactive experience. What you see here is not final, gives you an idea of the bare bones of what we’re working with. Our goal is to build a sustainable environment.
Symphony Online Design

Visual Particles

Current Status: Started
This covers the animated elements of the program, including how things move, transform, and generate to build out a live environment.

Digital Orchestration

Current Status: Started
This process deals with translating the music into something that the program can understand. This is the timer that “launches” the visual cues based on our interpretation of the music.

Core Cue Mechanic

Current Status: Rough Pass
In the game, the user plays the role of the conductor – who is ultimately in charge of cuing in the instruments. On the right side is the wireframe concept of how the core cue mechanic works, first pull a cue out of the conductor’s stand, and then “cueing” the relevant section in the orchestra as they come.

Core Particles

Current Status: Rough Pass
These are the core functionalities and capabilities of the program out of the box. It includes what sections roughly do when activated, how they feel, and the timing components. This is a very abstract section and deals more with the engine aspect of the program.
Core Particles

Core Dynamic Environment

Current Status: Not Started
We want to connect the environment to the music to represent the visual nature of the short-film. This component deals with transitioning between scenes so they replicate the film in an acceptable manner.

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