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We want to teach and inspire the next generation about the joys of symphony.

Imagine Symphony Live is about celebrating the culture of live orchestral music making, especially for communities across the United States. Every year, millions of eager listeners visit local community symphonies to enjoy the recreation of timeless art, with each experience remaining 100% unique for the listeners and players in the room each time. There’s a raw beauty in the performance of live music and the presence of mind it requires from the participants on both sides of the stage. It can be rejuvenating, healing, and a community support system to help people stay connected and continue to grow. Live music provides a welcome sense of immediate and satisfying realness to our lives.
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Open Source Creative and Code

This project’s creative and development code will be available for anyone to use, distribute, and promote their own local arts programs.

Artists and Musicians

Over 55 volunteers made up of professional musicians, creatives, and engineers have given hundreds of hours to create a work of art to demonstrate their commitment to the arts.

Symphonies In THE USA

This functional art is intended hopes to inspire the next generation to visit live symphony audiences. It’s non-profit and can be used by any symphony nationwide.


Do you Have a press Kit?

Yes, we do have a one page info sheet that briefly describes the what, who, why, parts of the project Press Kit

Who is Behind the Project?

This project is a independent collaboration between a team of artists and the Central Oregon Symphony. It’s being built for any orchestral music organization to use.

Is Imagine Symphony Live A Non-profit?

Imagine Symphony Live is an independent collaboration between artists – however, the project is fiscally sponsored by COSA Inc., a 501(c)(3), allowing donations to be tax-deductible.

Where are you located?

Our project team is located in Central Oregon, however, the project is built to be on the web and available for anyone nationwide.

Why are you building this?

We are artists and musicians and want to share the joy we have had making music our lives. We hope that people become engaged in music making rather than just passively consuming it.

When will it be finished?

We’re aiming for April 2020. Details for the project timeline can be found on the kickstarter page here: