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Final Stretch

June Update

Finally – the final stretch!
We have made a lot of progress! Far enough, that despite some of the limitations from COVID-19, we’re aiming for an early July release of the experience, short-film, and composition. Technically, this makes it barely over our Spring deadline, but all things considered, we are glad we can get this out to musicians who are currently on hiatus, and to you our backers!
Upon launch, all backers will receive an email with link to the live site. If you backed a reward level that included physical items, They should be arriving in the a few weeks after the live site launch. If you have changed your mailing address since January, please email with any updates, or feel free to send through Kickstarter.
Thank you for your support during this journey! We look forward to launching Imagine Symphony Live to lovers of classical music, to remember and celebrate the joys of symphony for everyone involved.

Tracking the Progress with a Roadmap

In an effort to be transparent with you about our progress, we’ve created a project showing our roadmap. This post is dedicated largely to describing what these components are and what we’re working on. Keep in mind this is due to change widely based on what we learn going forward, but its insight into what we’re doing.

There are two tabs below – one the road map; the other the final task list. Some items have been shelved for now to make room for the project launch!

The Music Is the Backbone

Current Status: Finished
The core backbone of the entire experience will be the Thomas piece. In each of the columns are the various scenes included in the short-film and composition. Everything that we’re programming here will be in reference to this core.

Visual Design

Current Status: Rough pass
The environment will change depending on what music happens. We’ve also opted for representing the stage in a 3-dimension format; akin to perhaps an Imax experience. That means the vistas that are presented in each experience will be “wrapping around” the orchestra to add to the immersion. Each region will have a different set of icons that morph as the music does.

Visual Particles

Current Status: Rough Pass
The notes and various svgs for each instrument class are going to be rendered as the notes of each section arrive. Once the alpha is live, we can easily tweak speeds and trajectories of the particles to make it fit the creative outcome.

Digital Orchestration

Current Status: Rough Pass
In the last month we were able to parse the XML data from the composition software, allowing a universal capability of this game to interpret any music and translate it into dynamic entries. This is a big breakthrough which put us way ahead on the timing aspects of the project.

Core Cue Mechanic

Current Status: Rough Pass
In the game, the user plays the role of the conductor – who is ultimately in charge of cuing in the instruments. On the right side is the wireframe concept of how the core cue mechanic works, first pull a cue out of the conductor’s stand, and then “cueing” the relevant section in the orchestra as they come.

Core Particles

Current Status: Rough Pass
These are the core functionalities and capabilities of the program out of the box. It includes what sections roughly do when activated, how they feel, and the timing components. This is a very abstract section and deals more with the engine aspect of the program.
Core Particles

Core Dynamic Environment

Current Status: Started
The idea of changing the environment as the music changes is an important one, and we’ve been exploring the idea of adding a new track with cues to describe new svg positions on the game.

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