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PREMIERE End of September 2020

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Built to Inspire and Teach

Imagine Symphony Live is an open-source, non-profit project to inspire and teach the next generation about symphony.

A group of artists and over 50 musicians collaborated to create a new way to experience a symphony. Why? Because live symphony music has made our lives joyful and we want to share that experience with the world.


A Short Film

"A World of Symphony"

Be inspired by the imagination of a child’s first experience with a symphony orchestra in this short film. This film features an original score by Chris Thomas and cinematography from Bradley Lanphear.

Website Experience

Conduct Your Own Performance

Following the film, step into the conductor’s role to prepare and rehearse your own live symphony concert. Along the way learn the sounds and structure of the instruments and symphony with the original composition.


Discover the Stories

Get to know the players and the members of the audience who make up symphony concerts. Discover written, audio, and video interviews about why musicians and audience members got involved in symphony.​

Keep up to date with our progress

A lot is happening with Imagine Symphony Live, including a recent successful crowdfunding campaign, a live premier, and a wave of releases for the program. We will be updating major milestones and updates as time goes on to keep everyone up to date. If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list or social media channels, you can do so here:

  • The Release Strategy

    The Release Strategy

    Overall direction of the project Hi Backers! This project is …
  • Final Stretch

    Final Stretch

    June Update Finally – the final stretch! We have made a …
  • April 2020 Update

    April 2020 Update

    Overall direction of the project The short-film is completed (with …

Who Are We?

This project is a collaboration between the Central Oregon Symphony and 5 independent artists With over 60 musician volunteers, symphony has made our lives rich, and we wanted to create something that would help the people understand what a community symphony really is.

Support the project!

This project has the generous support of volunteers, but expenses related to travel, production, technology, and equipment to film and organize a cadre of volunteers do add up. We will only use funds to cover expenses, and any additional funds will be directly donated to the Central Oregon Symphony Association. You can donate here:

Want to Stay Connected?

We want to share this with your audience? We can help accommodate – simply from a syndication you can share openly on your social media – or we can share the code so you can implement your own media.